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 "Originality is virtue of those who effortlessly blend creative style and practicality"

- J. Mendez





As a child, Juan C Mendez was attracted to the Visual Arts. Encouraged by his father in particular to pursue what he loved; he participated in numerous Art contests in which he became a recipient of various recognitions and awards. Some of the most notable participations include one of his earliest recognitions in the 1992 Water Conservation Art and Poetry Contest and the 3 year (1993-95) run in the Youth Art Month “Our New York” working with the NYCATA, UFT in conjunction with the MTA; in which he was awarded a Citation, Honorable Mention, and  Finalist respectively. Juan’s fascination with the world of art extended to high school where  he attended the Monroe Academy for Visual Arts and Design. After one year, Juan’s internal struggle as well as his mother desire to see him pursue a career in the sciences drove him to switch to the High School for the Environmental Studies. 

    After pursuing a career in Biology, Juan C Mendez decided that Fashion Design was his true calling. Upon the completion of his studies in 2004, Juan became dedicated to pursuing a career in Fashion Design. His first opportunity came because of having relative success with friends whom believed in his vision and his own distinctive style. Working on independent projects and his participation in various internships helped polish his skill and desired to succeed in the industry. Notable designers like Cindy Greene of Libertine helped Juan develop critical skills to succeed in the fashion industry. Participation in several seminar courses provided by the GIDC or Garment Industry Development Corporation helped Juan understand the manufacturing and product development process thus reinforcing his vision for the Screüs Designs label.

      Working on a limited manner, Screüs is a semi-couture private label that offers unique fashions using personalized touches worthy of Parisian couture such as hand embroidery & embellishments techniques, handcrafted Silk-screens and creative tailoring.




Early Press Articles


Bill Cunningham


"The unusually warm weather has given T-shirts a longer run than usual. Some shirts, including Heatherette's, repeat Andy Warhol's idea of multiple images. Others proclaim admiration for Bob Marley, Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld, Twiggy and Charlie Chaplin and for that most important person of all."

 New York Times Article